Disclaimer, I work for the New York Times. Some people got an award for the beta620 website
that got recently launched. It hosts all the new shiny stuff we are working on. Obviously I
went to visit it because hey, I like cool stuff as much as the next geek. On the first page
there is a link to their HTML5 crossword app. I gingerly clicked on it and got an ugly html
app that is 'meh' at best. I wonder if this means I am the right place, since that is how I
feel about my own apps as wel ;)

Seriously, todo list for this app:
* Pressing backspace kicks you out of the page ( ! )
* Click a cell will only show the across word, not the vertical word
* This app screams for tooltips, the one question the reader has is 'What fits here?' 
* The user has to scroll up and down every time for the words, bad UI 

If it wasnt that I would hurt someone's feelings and that I have a gazillion aother things
I want to finish, I would clone this app and show how I feel it should be done..

If you have not played Triple Town on Facebook or Google Plus Apps and you like to debate about
game design, you should. It's probably better than Skyrim. You start with a 6 by 6 world, where
you can upgrade with 'match 3 principle'. I think I play fairly well, my games usually end with
a score of 350K. There is so much strategy in this game, I am just blown away. Game of the year
award from ;) Also the way you sometimes wait with abaited breath for that one
piece ( reminding me of Tetris ) is mind boggling. When is the last time you invested emotional
energy into a game ?? Anyway, all this to say that I want to make a clone of this game but with 
hex tiles. And I would shamelessly rip of the art from the Wesnoth projec :]

I have said it before, I will say it again, takkaria has done a great job for the
Angband Community. He helped me out with my Windows binaries for Hellband, he was 
the main driver for the Angband GPL effort, he has created an energetic developer
team and has decided to split the creative forces and the maintaining forces into
two different projects. And now he is leaving the maintainer title to ... nobody.
It is admittely an experiment, but that's really code for 'I know you do not like
it, we hope you wont care in 6 months from now'. I have strongly hinted that Timo
should become the next maintainer so that we can get Vanilla to be Vanilla again.
But it seems nobody seems interested in that ( including Timo ). Oh well ;)

Before talking to Ido and getting enchanted by the idea of being an 'indie',
I could not care less about where Adobe was going with it's products. Action
Script, AIR were terms that other people dealt with. Now that I have contri-
buted to a Haxe project I feel different. The Haxe people themselves are not
worried by what seems the impending demise of Adobe, but I dont see a bright
future for Haxe once Flash and AIR are gone. I can only hope that this would
bring a renaissance for NME..

I usually don't code when drunk since I never make any progress in that state of body.
However, I have found refactoring to be going very fast when intoxicated. Listening to
East Coast Hip Hop Radio helps even more :P

I got compelled to hand write an rss xml feed ;]
This is probably why I have made zero dollars as
an indie thus far..

I clearly have been holding in a lot of stuff, and it's all coming out now!
This is exactly what we should done after Julian Lighton passed development
onto Takkaria. We need a team of motivated developers to keep all the ports
up to date, which is boring but necessary. By splitting regular Vanilla and
V4, developers can be creative and with 'minimal' effort port back platform
related code. I love it, and it speaks volumes to the future of Angband.

Let's see, I have been waiting for 2 months now for the NME binaries to be compiled on Lion.
The attitude on the mailing list is basically 'meh'. Even though I am not the only developer
requesting these binaries. Reality is that not a single NME developer has Lion so they don't
have to care.. Which means I am stuck with Air builds for Cardinal Quest ;\

Hellband isnt going anywhere fast, the JavaScript version has been languishing since forever.
If I were to get working on Hellband again, I would use Emscripten to convert the C code into
JavaScript. I would 'only' have to write a partial curses library in JavaScript and deal with
keypress() which is a blocking call.

Some guys have the balls to pursuit their dreams, big shout out to @tametick
He wrote Cardinal Quest, if you havent bought it yet, you should : BMT Micro

I am also lurking all over Legends of Yore, Kevin Glass has done a great job
with the Oryx tileset and has taken it to another level. Go try and play it.

I have too many projects:

* Cardinal Quest, iPad port
* rxMinder, Medical app
* Sets of Yore, Ludum Dare prototype
So far, 0$ in my pocket..

I am a real life @optimisticindie.

For some reason I could not be bothered with a new blog on which is
what I usually do. I couldnt be bothered to link with or
install a blogging package on either. So this handwritten blog is it.
No RSS, but RSS seems to be dead anyway..


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